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SCRIBD E-book: Carry your books anywhere and everywhere!

Scribd e-book is an audiobook, or you can say an ebook. We can carry Scribd at any place and at any time. Instead of carrying a book itself, instead of that, you can carry this ebook. It is a well-known ebook. Scribd is the premier digital reading membership! Individuals can peruse and pay attention to the best book recordings, digital books, and magazines, and then some – accessible whenever and on any viable gadget. We make it simple for readers to remain informed, find new interests and become their best selves.

What is SCRIBD?

scribd logo

Scribd e-book started life as a document-sharing stage in 2007. It is developed at a point ebook and audiobook membership administration, like Kindle Unlimited and Kobo Plus.

 Scribd e-book claims to be an advanced library that serves as a read-as-you-go help, like Hoopla and Libby. However, dissimilar to the two it is a paid membership, beginning at $9.99. It offers a scope of digital materials including books, book recordings, articles, magazines, and even music.

Scribd has significantly more variety in its library. Yet the quantity of ebook and audiobook titles is substantially more limited when contrasted with Kindle Unlimited. In fact, Scribd has more audiobooks than ebooks. However, it’s certainly a preferred determination over what you’d find on Kobo Plus.

Scribd is a real threat to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited reading platform. That’s not Scrib’s headline feature though: in its current form. The cost of both of them is the same. Each platform offers is a little different.

While Kindle Unlimited offers magazines to its US endorsers. And also different business sectors can’t get to those, and Scribd can make up for the shortcoming. However, the quantity of magazines accessible on Scribd is restricted. And, assuming you’re really a print magazine fan. Moreover, you’ll view Readly as a superior choice as far as the two titles offered and client experience.

Is SCRIBD free of cost?

Or Free Trial? No, the Scribd e-book is not free. However, if you are hesitating and don’t want to buy a monthly membership. You can also first sign up for a 2-month free trial. And also get unlimited access to all audiobooks and e-books, magazines, and sheet music that is available for members!

What’s truly interesting about SCRIBD?

Interesting with regards to Scribd e-book, however, is the accessibility of something many refer to as Snapshots. These are bite-sized excerpts from famous ebooks. Ideal for anybody who’s in a rush however huge on staying aware of the most recent titles. And afterward, there’s sheet music – from classical to country, pop to Disney.

scribd books

Quality of available items

The variety of the titles available across ebooks audiobooks and other media is surprisingly excellent. They offers brilliant and excellent books from the various authors Black authors, Asian American authors, and Native American authors etc..

The titles available offer an incredible range from classics, and modern classics to recent releases. Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney is already on there. Also some other gems like Sankofa and Razorblade Tears. It also offers a wide variety of titles across all genres. Their romance category includes fantastic books such as You Had Me at Hola and A Lot Like Adios.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Different content type
  • Simple to utilize interface
  • A lot of audiobooks


  • Limited digital books
  • No tablet coordination
  • Some dodgy transfers

Price and Availability

  • Same cost as Kindle Unlimited
  • Free access to other applications as advantages
  • 30-day free trial

A month-to-month membership to Scribd will cost you $9.99/£7.99/AU$14.99. That is exactly how much Kindle Unlimited expenses in the US and UK. Yet Scribd is quite expensive if you’re in Australia.

Unlike Kindle Unlimited, in any case, your Scribd membership gets you a couple of advantages, similar to free admittance to six different stages covering music and film streaming (like Mubi and CONtv + Comics). Also to schooling applications (like Peak Pro and CuriosityStream).

You can buy into Scribd from anywhere in the world. You’ll simply need to pay what might be compared to the US pricing. However that your nation doesn’t have an authority Scribd site.

Are all books available in SCRIBD?

It is a “limitless” service that  Scribd will continuously have something accessible that you can read or pay attention to. That something may be the holy book or a random classic in Spanish.

Library and content of SCRIBD

  • Bunches of book recordings
  • Limited  ebooks          
  • Great collection of magazines and podcasts

However, the number of book recordings on Scribd is significantly more impressive. Some titles that don’t have the ebook versions on Scribd can be found in audiobook format instead. For instance, Neil Price’s Children of Ash and Elm and Mary Beard’s SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome. These are just accessible as audiobooks. One more illustration of the shortage of digital book titles is Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series. Also available as audiobooks but none as an ebook.

Interestingly a large portion of the ebook titles we’ve recorded is accessible as the client transferred archives in PDF design. In spite of the fact that it’s hazy regardless of whether these are real transfers.

With regards to magazines, you’re not going to get as broad an assortment as on Readly. However, there are a few excellent choices on Scribd, similar to Time, Marie Claire, and National Geographic. There are a few clear enormous names missing as well, similar to Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan. All things considered, the magazine stand covers a few classes including news and current issues, tech, and way of life.

There’s a really fair assortment of web recordings as well, such as Grounded with Louis Theroux, Day X, and Revisionist History. They’re all likewise accessible free of charge on Apple and Google Podcast administrations.

Experience of SCRIBD

  • Mobile apps are not difficult to utilize
  • Clunky browser interface
  • Arranging issues on some ebooks
  • Scribd can be utilized on a work area program, on a phone, or on a tablet. Also with applications accessible for both Apple and Android OS. Assuming you utilize the three kinds of gadgets for Scribd, have confidence that your record gets adjusted practically continuously. So you could be utilizing your phone to pay attention to audiobooks while you drive. Also, get it at the specific place where you left off on your, say, your PC when you get home.


The one disadvantage that could be a dealbreaker for some potential Scribd clients is the absence of reader support. If you already own a Kindle, Amazon’s digital book/book recording membership administration will be much more helpful for you. It’s a comparative case with Kobo clients – where Kobo Plus is accessible, that would appear to be a superior choice (and it costs the equivalent as well). Scribd will most likely need to go through authorizing administrative noise to band together with probably the best tablet brands out there, yet on the off chance that that can be fought, Scribd can possibly keep Kindle Unlimited honest.

 However, if you read just one book in three months, then it’s just not worth paying the monthly fee and you might enjoy Audible more.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021- Experience the new e-reader!

Amazon has launched its latest version of Kindle, and readers cannot be any more excited. But before getting it for you or your family, make sure it is worth the purchase. Here is a review of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021

Amazon’s 2021 Kindle Paperwhite is bigger and uses a new E Ink panel to display more words per page than its predecessor. It has a larger display, a screen feature formerly reserved for the high-end Kindle Oasis, and a new charging connector. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has upgraded the version with a higher-storage configuration. Although, the higher price for the latest version is somewhat worrisome. Smaller bezels surrounding the screen and a larger 6.8-inch display are visible enhancements over the 2018 e-reader in both variants are quite a good upgrade. According to Amazon, the battery life has been improved to 10 weeks, which is much greater than the 2018 Paperwhite. Also, it comes with 8GB of storage and another option for 32GB storage.


  • Bigger screen size
  • Longer battery life
  • USB-C is convenient
  • Perfectly even backlighting
  • Waterproof
  • Flat-front design


  • Wireless charging is lacking
  • High price
  • Slow page turn speed
  • No cellular option
  • No Immersion Reading mode
Display size6.8-inch
Storage8GB/ 32GB
Battery lifeUp to 10 weeks
Size6.9 x 4.9 x 0.3 inches
Weight7.2 ounces
Wireless chargingNo
ExtrasDisplay warmth settings

Price and Configurations

It is somewhat disappointing that Paperwhite is now more expensive than it was previously. The Kindle Paperwhite 2021 starts at $139 and is $10 more than the previous model. Also, Amazon still charges $20 for an ad-free experience, bringing the total to $159. Moreover, Amazon no longer offers a model with a cellular modem. The Kindle Paperwhite 2021 is Amazon’s mid-tier e-reader, sitting between the basic Kindle and the Kindle Oasis, with the Signature Edition costing $189. You get more internal storage, 32GB, and premium features like wireless charging and auto-adjusting brightness. Given these additions, it’s understandable that the Signature Edition costs more than the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite. The Signature Edition is still more expensive than the normal Kindle Paperwhite 2021 with 8GB of storage. But if you want more room for books and a larger display for reading them, it’s the ideal choice.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021

The Kindle Paperwhite 2021 has a matte-black shell encasing an e-ink display. However, this time it has lower bezels and a larger screen, a 6.8-inch panel. The new edition weighs 7.2 ounces. You even get a USB-C connector in the latest 2021 Paperwhite model. Although, Amazon hasn’t made any claims about fast charging. According to Amazon, it can be fully charged in under 2.5 hours with a 9W USB power adapter. Moreover, for wireless charging, you’ll have to get the $189 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. Also, you might feel that the bezels are too little and might end up mistakenly activating the touch screen controls too often while gripping it from the slim side bezel.

The new Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch panel with a 300ppi resolution. The front light has also been brightened by 10%. The entire device still has an IPX8 rating, which means it can withstand an hour of freshwater immersion or a three-minute submersion. Two sliders on the new Paperwhites and Oasis allow you to change the color of the front lights from blue-white to yellow. The yellowness can also be linked to a clock. This will make the screen yellower as the night progresses. The 17-LED system is far more even than the four LEDs on the Kindle’s base model.

With heavy usage, the new Paperwhite lasts roughly a week. You can boost battery life by turning off the front light and Wi-Fi. Even though you get a power cable, but not the power adapter. You’ll have to swipe and touch your way around the screen because it’s still a flat slate with no buttons. Although the page transitions are sluggish and can be bothersome for some. If you want buttons, you can get the Kindle Oasis. However, the Oasis hasn’t been updated since 2019, it doesn’t have the latest features that you get with the 2021 model.



The Paperwhite’s 6.8-inch, 300 PPI display is not only larger than its predecessor, but it’s also brighter. Moreover, the 2021 model has 17 LED backlights, as compared to the 4 in the previous model. The text is super-crisp, something the Paperwhite has excelled at for a long time. The main new screen feature on the Kindle Paperwhite 2021 is Display Warmth. Although don’t confuse this feature with a blue light filter. This feature, only available on the Kindle Oasis, is just a decorative choice.

The front light on the Paperwhite allows users to read in the dark without being blinded by strong blue light. Furthermore, the Paperwhite has an IPX8 waterproof rating, which means it can be submerged for up to an hour at a depth of two meters. Thus, it is safe from spills or dips in the pool, but not for too long.

Reading Experience and Content

Reading Experience and Content- Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021

The Kindle Paperwhite 2021 has a non-glossy E Ink display that appears like paper. This means that reading on a Kindle is less taxing on the eyes. The Paperwhite is extremely comfortable to hold, around the same weight as most smartphones. It even has streamlined swipe navigation and page-turning animation, unlike other e-readers that feature buttons you’ll only be able to swipe. Moreover, you get Amazon’s suite of reading tools with Kindle. This includes the ability to look up word definitions, sync pages between Kindle devices and applications via Whispersync, and use X-Ray to keep track of characters and phrases. Although, these features are only for e-reader formats. Other file types, such as PDFs, have restricted format, sizing, and font options.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has a storage of 32GB. However, some of the space is used up by the operating system and other fundamental data using up space. Thus, you’ll only have roughly 27GB available for media storage. Still, books are typically around 1MB in size, so you could theoretically store tens of thousands of them without any problems.

While Amazon does not provide exact figures, estimates put the number of titles at around 9 million. Kindle Unlimited, a $9.99 service that offers over 2 million books and hundreds of audiobooks. This even includes three magazine subscriptions. If you don’t want to spend money, you can even borrow books from public libraries for free through the Overdrive service. Prime members have access to First Reads, which gives them first access to the editor’s picks. Moreover, you can also access two free Kindle books per month and discounted print editions.


The Kindle has also had an upgrade to make it easier to use. Although, this update is available for base-model Kindles, some earlier Paperwhites, and the Oasis, not just the new Paperwhite. The most noticeable change is a new icon on the home screen. This allows you to quickly return to the book you’re reading. If you have a Kindle with no advertisements, the lock screen will show the cover of the book you’re reading. Some new features assist reduce clutter from the Kindle library. The series are automatically filed under a single cover, so you don’t have to sift through your library. All of the standard Amazon features are available. The X-Ray feature identifies characters, the dictionary defines words, and the Goodreads integration allows you to share what you’re reading with others. Kindles operate best with ebooks from Amazon or the public library.


The improved Wi-Fi functionality also confirms that you won’t need the Signature Edition’s 32GB of storage. Audiobooks take up significantly more space than text-format Kindle novels. You may even synchronize your audiobook listening to start up where you left off in a text-format book. Although, wired USB-C headphones will not function. The E-Ink Kindles lack built-in speakers and Immersion Reading, you’ll need an Android or iOS or tablet with the Kindle app for this.

Battery Life

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021 can last up to 10 weeks on a single charge. You can even conserve battery by turning down the brightness and activating the Power Saver mode to make the battery last longer. It comes with a USB-C cable but not an adapter. Although the maximum charge speed of 9W isn’t particularly quick in comparison to other devices. Wireless charging is only available with the Signature Edition and is compatible with any Qi charger. If you read for 30 minutes per day with, Wi-Fi turned off and brightness set to medium, the battery will probably last for about 10 weeks. When tested per 30 minutes of reading, with Brightness set at multiple levels and Wi-Fi on, 1.5% of charge was drained.

Bonus Features

The little changes that Amazon made to the Kindle OS interface appear to be for the better. The “Home” and “Library” areas of the home screen are now separated, also, the recommended books and items for you from Amazon. The Search bar occupies a larger portion at the top of the screen. However, it is no longer included in the menu that shows when you are reading a book. The best part is that now Amazon provides an option to turn off Goodreads. You can even prevent the page of “about this book” text that pops up. For this, you will have to open an ebook, click on the Font option at the top of the screen, select More, and then turn off About This Book.

What you will like?

  • Sleek e-reader with less bezel– With lower bezels and a larger 6.8-inch display, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021 is a step up over the previous edition. The new model also appears to be a little sharper.
  • More storage space– While the 8GB basic Kindle Paperwhite 2021 can certainly hold a lot of books, the Signature Edition’s 32GB storage capacity allows for lots of audiobooks and graphic novels.
  • More premium ereader perks– The Signature Edition boasts some features that even the more expensive Kindle Oasis lacks. This includes USB-C, wireless charging, and an auto-adjusting display, making it a more appealing option.

What you might not like?

  • Read comics (or anything in color) on your ereader-The Signature Edition’s E-Ink screen is monochrome, which is fantastic for battery life but not for anything that requires colour, such as comic books.
  • Not easy to hold in one hand– The Signature Edition has a symmetrical design that is attractive but difficult to operate one-handed.


The latest edition of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is here with small changes that are intriguing. However, all this comes with a price increase. It has a slightly larger screen, USB-C charging, and display warmth and costs $10 more than its predecessor. Also, Amazon isn’t giving it cellular connectivity. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has wireless charging and a display that eliminates the need to fiddle with brightness settings. Although, it costs an extra $50. Overall, the experience with this upgraded version is quite good. You get a battery life of about 10 weeks and even save it in the battery saver mode. You can also listen to audiobooks with your Bluetooth earphones. The features like X-Ray, dictionary, and Goodreads are still available to aid you in reading.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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Bose Sleepbuds 2: Bose’s second attempt to help you sleep peacefully!

In Bose’s second product from the Sleepbuds line, the Bose Sleepbuds 2, the first product (Bose Sleepbuds) gets a few new highlights and addresses some issues clients were experiencing them ceasing.

For those new to the Bose Sleepbuds, these earplugs are not for tuning in to your favorite music under the covers – they’re for loosening up you and preparing you for a decent night’s rest.

Exactly when users figured they couldn’t beat the firsts, the Bose Sleepbuds 2 design offers far and away superior ergonomics. They’re lightweight and fragile, thus going inconspicuous in your ears.

Working of Bose Sleepbuds 2

Bose sleepbuds 2

We can connect our phones via Bluetooth, which transfers the various sounds to the buds. (Note that the term “transfer” and not “stream” sounds live on the buds rather than your phone.)

There are three classifications of sounds that you can listen to in Bose Sleepbuds. Noise masking sounds are supposed to cover up any noises (such as snoring) which can disturb your sleep. Naturescapes are meant to soothe you with natural sounds like rain or leaves rustling. Finally, there are pretty musical selections described as “relaxing tones.’’ A few of the sounds are already stored on the buds when you get them; after that, you use Bose’s Sleep app to check out others.

Pros and Cons of Bose Sleepbuds 2


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Covers a decent scope of outside disturbance.
  • Assortment of sounds to utilize.
  • Can further develop rest designs.
  • Easy to wear.


  • Costly for a solitary use item.
  • It isn’t powerful for all outside commotions.
  • Value relies upon individual climate and conditions.
  • A limited number of sounds.

Design of Bose Sleepbuds 2

Bose sleepbuds 2 design

These are very lightweight, and their sensitive design means they go unrecognized in your ears. The new silicon tips are delicate, causing them to feel outstanding in the ears, all-around a planned and premium-looking charge case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bose Sleepbuds 2 play music?

Unlike headphones, Bose Sleepbuds 2 don’t stream music or podcasts. It plays content solely through the Bose Sleep application.

What is the difference between Bose Sleepbuds 1 and 2?

Bose Sleepbuds 2 uses a new antenna for an improved, more stable connection with your phone. The first-generation Sleepbuds battery had a flaw, but Bose claims it’s replaced with a new NiMH battery that lasts 10 hours. (The aluminum charging case is suitable for other additional 30 hours.)

Can you able to sleep on your side with Bose Sleepbuds?

sleepbuds 2

Bose Sleepbuds 2 are tiny wireless earbuds that mask external noise for better sleep. They’re smaller than the size of a penny, can play for 16 hours off a single charge, and are comfortable to sleep on — even for side sleepers.

Do they work?

As someone who doesn’t fall asleep to anything but moderate calm, let me be honest with you. The possibility of deliberately paying attention to sounds or music appeared to be somewhat not entirely OK to me. Yet, after giving it a shot, I need to say that it’s anything but an impractical notion by any means. I like paying attention to rain, and a few yelling sounds functioned admirably. The buds didn’t veil everything, except they dealt with irregular road commotions and the child nearby very well. Furthermore, while possibly not covered, different clamors were stifled to where they were a sorry unsettling influence.

Reason to buy?

While we can’t blame these Bose Sleepbuds 2 for plan and execution, we do, in any case, feel that you would be more than impacted by sleepless nights consistently to justify the lavish expense. Thus, we’d genuinely prescribe them to individuals who have the money in excess and have depleted other, less expensive methods for shutting out outside commotion around evening time, for example, background noise or ordinary earplugs.

Release date

Bose sent off the Sleepbuds 2 worldwide on October 13, 2020, and they are accessible to purchase now with an RRP of £229.95 / US$249.95 / AUS$379.95 from the Bose Sleepbuds 2 sites and a large group of other internet-based retailers.

As you can most likely estimate from the name, the Bose Sleepbuds 2 isn’t the organization’s initial introduction to rest-centered earbuds. In his upcoming attempts, Bose Sleepbuds 2 hopes to correct all of there mistakes made in his first attempt, released back in 2018.

In spite of the fact that it got basic praise at first, various quality-control issues were accounted for later down the line, with clients whining about conflicting battery duration, squeaking sounds, closures, and buds that wouldn’t charge as expected.


When we looked at the Bose Sleepbuds 2, we were particularly impressed by this new pleasant design, which utilizes delicate silicone blades to guarantee they stay set up for the time being, regardless of whether you rest on your side. They successfully masked the irritating foundation sounds that can keep light sleepers up around evening time. However, you could find the decision of surrounding soundscapes somewhat restricted.

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These are the best Convertible laptops to have that perfect compactness!

When you need the portability of a tablet yet the productivity of a laptop. A convertible laptop is a way to go. Not only that, but 2-in-1 laptops are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport. 2-in-1 laptops, also known as convertible laptops, are becoming more popular than ever.

These convertibles were expensive a few years ago, but by now we have many affordable options. The best 2-in-1 laptops are those that function more like a tablet than a laptop or vice versa. Some of the hybrids are also pricey, and a few of them include a stylus. However, we have also included some options that are less expensive and provide excellent value for money.

Some 2-in-1 laptops have 360-degree hinges, while the rest have detachable screens that are independent of their keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

Convertible laptops

When it comes to 2-in-1 devices, Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the best of the bunch. The combination of great design, powerful internals, and an appealing screen makes it the convertible to beat. Especially because it’s comparable in price to other high-end laptops.

Even without a discrete GPU, a combination of 11th-generation Intel chips and Iris Xe graphics card delivers solid all-around performance. The battery capacity is also excellent, rivaling that of some of the longest-lasting laptops available. Aside from that, even with a resolution of 1920×1080, the display offers a valuable, vivid viewing experience.

The 360-degree hinge, on the other hand, is the main selling point here. It is adjustable to any angle. From a laptop to a tablet, it includes an S-Pen that magnetically attaches to the back of the display. There is also 5G support available, but the competitively priced 4G will provide everything most people want in a convertible laptop. This slight price advantage gives the Pro 360 a slight advantage over the other options on this list. Most notably Samsung’s own Galaxy Book Flex 2.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2

convertible laptops

In 2021, the first-generation Galaxy Book Flex is still an extremely impressive convertible laptop. But its successor takes things to another level.

While the 13.3-inch AMOLED display and 69.7-watt-hour battery remain static, this is far from an incremental update. The switch to 11th-generation Intel chips (which results in significantly improved battery life). A secondary 13Mp camera and 5G support are all significant improvements.

The 360-degree joint, which is now far stronger and more stable, and more robust, provides convertible functionality. It means that the device can function as a laptop, tablet, or in ‘tent mode’ for hands-free watching.

There was also the installed Bluetooth S-Pen. Which has been relocated to the device’s front. To make room for a recently expanded port selection. A USB-A port and full-size HDMI have overtaken one of the three USB-C ports.

But it’s not all good news. The display is still only Full HD (1920×1080), and the trackpad is fiddly enough that long-term use necessitates the use of a mouse.

Then there’s the cost, with the Flex 2 beginning at £1,649 in the United Kingdom. It’s one of the most comprehensive convertible laptops on the market, but you’ll have to pay for it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+

Convertible laptops

Since its introduction, the Surface Pro has made a popular tablet with a swappable keyboard form factor. And the Pro 7+ is the best possible version yet.

Despite being aimed at industrial and educational customers. The device provides an engaging experience for consumers as well. The move to Intel’s 11th-generation processors. Combined with an Iris Xe graphics chipset and up to 32GB of RAM, is a significant improvement over the standard Pro 7.

Connectivity options are equally impressive. With Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 support, as well as 4G LTE support on some models. There’s also a good port selection and significantly improved battery life.

However, 5 years after its debut, the design is beginning to show signs of wear. It’s also considerably more expensive (especially when the Type Cover is purchased separately). So you might want to go with the Surface Pro 8.

HP Chromebook x360 14c

HP Chromebook x360 14c

When it comes to convertible laptops, it’s not all about Windows devices and iPads; there have been plenty of choices if you’re looking for a Chrome OS device.

Our top pick is HP’s Chromebook x360. This combines lightning-fast performance with a stylish design and an excellent keyboard and trackpad. The Full HD display, even if it doesn’t get very bright, is another highlight. The Bang & Olufsen speakers provide an excellent audio experience.

A major port choice and excellent battery life are also included, all for a reasonable price.

If you can look past the poor exterior visibility and the occasional bug. The x360 14c could be an excellent choice for you. Just ensure you’re okay with Chrome OS’s limitations.

Asus ZenBook Flip

Convertible laptops

The ZenBook Flip may have lost its predecessor’s headphone jack, but it remains the go-to deluxe convertible.

One of the highlights is the stunning 4K OLED display, which provides a rich, color precise viewing experience. There’s also Thunderbolt 4 support and a large 1TB SSD, all housed in an ultra-thin and light chassis.

Unfortunately, the sleek design affects the performance of the 11th-generation Intel chips, causing some throttling issues. You also lose the fingerprint sensor.

These may be deal-breakers given the high asking price. But if money is no object and you want a premium portable device, the Flip is a great choice.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i

Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i

The audio experience on modern laptops is often overlooked. But the outstanding speakers on Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 9i earn a special mention. Four speakers work together to produce detailed, rich sound.

Along with a stunning 4K display, the Slim 9i is an excellent device for consuming content. The tent mode allows for hands-free watching. But the 360° hinge allows it to be used as a regular laptop or tablet as well.

The device comes with Intel 11th-generation processors. This work in tandem with an Iris Xe graphics chipset and up to 16GB of RAM to deliver solid performance. There’s also a good port choice (including Thunderbolt 4 support) and long battery life.

If you can look past the pretty irritating keyboard, the Slim 9i is an excellent choice for convertible laptops.


That ends our article here!

Although we have been around through, these devices vary greatly and are referred to as various things such as ‘convertibles,’ ‘hybrids,’ and ‘2-in-1s’. They all refer to the same thing. A device that can be converted to be both a laptop and a tablet. And these are really amazing, trust me! Isn’t they? What do you think

Do comment and share. Likewise subscribe to remain refreshed with all the Latest News, Offers, and Special Announcements.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: A stunning smartphone across the board!

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the first new flagship smartphone of 2018, older now but still amazing.

With LG and Huawei failing to announce new flagship smartphones at MWC 2018, all eyes are on Samsung. The word “focus” is appropriate given that the Galaxy S9 is mostly about new and enhanced camera technology.

Quick Glance

In a few areas, the Samsung Galaxy S9 improved on its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, which was already one of the greatest smartphones at the time.

There is a slew of features that prospective Galaxy S9 buyers would find attractive. Yes, the design is similar to the Galaxy S8. In truth, if Samsung ever tried to copy Apple’s naming policy, this should have been an Apple-esque ‘S’ edition of that model.

But there’s a more powerful camera on the back, with true innovation in the dual-aperture shutter, a more sturdy frame, and so much more power beneath the hood.

The screen is bright, and the dual speakers make this even more of a media marvel. The Galaxy S9 fixes one weak point with the S8 by making it easy to unlock the device with your face or finger, which 2017’s model failed to do – and that’s why it is one of the best smartphones around when it first came out, though it has since fallen down the rankings.

Price and Release date

Price and Release date

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released on March 16, 2018. The Galaxy S9 launched for £739, $318.49, or AU$1,199 SIM-free from Samsung, but it’s now much, much cheaper. In reality, you can get it for around a third of that amount, and that doesn’t even include bargain pricing.

In the United Kingdom, the initial pricing was a significant increase over the previous year’s phone, which began at £689. However, the price has since decreased, and if you shop about, you can purchase the Galaxy S9 for roughly £475 in the UK and for as little as $399 in the US depending on where you shop, making it a much more affordable option.

However, there are no storage options for this phone accessible in the UK or the US, with only the 64GB option available, although the Galaxy S9 is available in 128GB and 256GB editions in various areas.

Design and Build of Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is clearly a redesigned version of the Galaxy S8, rather than a whole new device. If you think of it as a point update in software terms, this is effectively the ‘Galaxy S8.1’ or ‘Galaxy S8s’.

With a very identical look to its predecessor, it’s difficult to tell which is the Galaxy S9. Only minimal changes have been made to the front: the bezels above and below the screen are a little slimmer. It’s not immediately visible, but keep in mind that the S8 already had incredibly thin bezels.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a touch shorter than the S8. It’s a little thicker and heavier at 8.5mm and 163g, although neither figure is significant.

The fingerprint scanner has been moved below the camera, making the change more visible at the rear. Samsung certainly listened to customer criticism on this, so it not only looks prettier, but it’s also a lot simpler to reach and operate. You might still smear the camera now and again, but it’s far less likely.

It’s comfortable to hold, however, the glass back cover makes it slick. The curved edges of the front glass, in particular, make it more prone to fractures than a more standard form.

Screen – Samsung Galaxy S9

Screen - Samsung Galaxy S9

It may come as excellent news to you that Samsung has not followed Apple’s lead and included a notch at the top of the screen. The display, in fact, is one area that hasn’t moved since the Galaxy S8, remaining at 5.8in on the ordinary model and increasing to 6.2in on the Galaxy S9+.

As previously said, both phones have the curved Infinity Display. So you really only need to select which size you want – the S9+ does, however, offer different camera technology and a handful of additional advantages.

Samsung’s 18.5:9 aspect ratio, Quad HD+ resolution, and Super AMOLED technology remain unchanged. It’s still one of the greatest displays on the market. It appears a touch brighter when compared to our Galaxy S8.

You can use features like Edge screen, where you can swipe in from the side and flick between several panels of things like favorite contacts, applications, and more, as previously mentioned. There’s also an always-on function that shows vital information on the lock screen even when the phone is turned off.


Speakers - Samsung Galaxy S9

The enhanced speaker arrangement is another significant feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9. If you’re bored of having sound fly out the bottom of your phone, you’ll love the fact that the top earpiece can now fire sound directly towards your face.

These speakers have also been adjusted to enable Dolby Atmos sound. It gives you a feeling of space from your phone’s audio.

Considering how tiny this phone is, the total volume and clarity of sound it produces is remarkable.

The sound quality isn’t the best on the market. The iPhone X has a little more punch and clarity, but the Galaxy S9 is a little blurrier – but the goal here isn’t to replace a Bluetooth speaker, but rather to deliver a pleasant experience when listening to music or podcasts without earbuds.

Fingerprint and Iris scanners

Fingerprint and Iris scanners

The fingerprint sensor has been moved to a more accessible place beneath the camera. According to Samsung, it is also easier to identify each new finger with only 3 swipes rather than the many more touches required earlier.

The fingerprint scanner is quick and accurate, and it can now be used to pull down the notification panel – simply enable it in the settings.

The fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S9 is built into the screen.

Samsung hasn’t directly stated that the iris scanner is better than before, which is a problem, but it is quick to point out that it is built in the front of the phone, unlike the iPhone X, without a notch. A new Intelligent Scan option that combines iris and face scanning is also available.

One thing is certain: there is a significant improvement over earlier editions. In general, it works well, however it is not as constant as competing phones that just use face unlock. Even when only using face scanning, it falls short of phones like the iPhone X and the OnePlus 5T.

Super slow motion

Super slow motion

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S9 can now compete with Sony’s premium Xperia phones by shooting super slow-motion video at 960fps. This translates to 0.2 seconds in real time becoming six seconds of video. Samsung has developed some innovative technology to make it simpler to create stunning slow-motion recordings.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 features an auto-detect mode that allows you to tell the phone wherein the photo to look for movement. As soon as it happens, it goes into super slow motion. It is used as a gif, reverse, and even use as a moving lock screen background.

You may also shoot in manual mode, choosing when to use slow motion, which is more convenient in some situations. You can film 20 distinct slow-motion sequences inside one movie in any mode.

Sony’s new Xperia XZ2 phones can now achieve 960fps in 1080p, but rather have the capabilities of the S9 to create better footage in 720p.

Battery life

It’s unfortunate that the battery remains at 3,000mAh, and Samsung has made no claims about it. However, the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will support rapid charging through the USB-C connection as well as wireless charging.

You are able to charge the S9 from 0 to 36 percent in 30 minutes using the provided charger. That’s fairly impressive, though the HTC U11+ comes in slightly ahead at 38%.

With no improvement in battery capacity, it’s no surprise that the phone won’t last you any longer than it did before. The S9 will last a day with typical usage and perhaps a little longer with light users. Fast wired and wireless charging will assist you in keeping it charged.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the only smartphone camera capable of transforming you into an avatar. To construct a 3D model of oneself, Samsung employs a data-driven machine learning system that analyses a 2D photograph of the user and maps out more than 100 face traits.

With the high level of design, quality, features, and performance that expect from Samsung, the Galaxy S9 remains a fantastic smartphone for practically everyone.

However, the Galaxy S10 is now out, bringing with it a slew of new features such as an inbuilt fingerprint reader, triple back cameras, and reverse wireless charging. That will be appealing, but the S9, being the older version, now represents a superior value purchase at its lower price.

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Razer Blade 15 (2022) – An Expensive And Most Premium Gaming Laptop!

The Razer Blade 15 (2022) is the newest iteration of Razer’s renowned gaming laptop and is without a doubt one of the greatest gaming laptops introduced this year, although the price tag remains as high as it has always been.

To begin, the update has all-new Intel Alder Lake mobile CPUs, Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti & Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPUs, and DDR5 RAM, making it a significant performance upgrade over the Razer Blade 15 (2021). However, that performance comes at the expense of battery life, which is nearly non-existent owing to the hungry Alder Lake CPU and 105W TGP GPU.

The cost is as exorbitant as ever. While there are less expensive gaming laptops in this category, the Blade 15 is a luxury piece of equipment for anybody wanting some gamer eye candy to go with that best-in-class performance. Even with all that power and beautiful design, charging as much as a high-end gaming pc for the privilege is pushing the limits of logic, especially at the lower end of the setup spectrum.

Still, if you have the cash to spend and don’t mind being tethered to a power outlet like Margott, you should give the Razer Blade 15 (2022) a look.

Razer Blade 15 (2022) – Price & Availability

Razer Blade 15 (2022)

The Razer Blade 15 (2022) is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, among other places.

The base model has an Intel Core i7-12800H processor, an Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU, a 240Hz-refresh QHD (1440p) panel, 16GB DDR5-4800 RAM, and a 1TB SSD. It costs $2,499.

The Other configuration costs $2,999. The most powerful setup costs $3,999 and includes a Core i9-12900H, Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, 144Hz 4K display, & 32GB DDR5-4800 RAM with 1TB SSD.

This is a pricey laptop regardless of configuration, and it’s tough to claim that the lower-end versions are worth these costs. You have to truly want a Razer Blade 15 to pay $2,500 for a laptop with a setup that falls somewhere in the middle.

The higher-end setups are more justified in terms of hardware, especially with the RTX 3080 Ti and UHD 144Hz panel. However, keep in mind that you’re paying a premium for the Razer logo regardless of whatever you choose.


Razer Blade 15 (2022)

The Razer Blade 15 (2022) can only be described as the MacBook of gaming laptops.

The Blade 15’s design has always been excellent, and this has not altered. The form factor is as tight and tiny as ever, which is a surprising effort given the gear packed behind the cover.

The all-black polished CNC Aluminum finish remains stunning, and the keyboard is really comfortable. The (blessedly) up-firing loudspeakers with THX Spatial Audio sound fantastic, and the RGB on the Blade 15’s keys is more muted than on many other gaming laptops, which is a positive in the book. The Blade 15 also has a large number of ports, so all those Razer accessories you’ve been collecting over the ages won’t go to waste.

The display is crisp, and the top bezel and dimensions provide an adequate screen area. Unfortunately, Nvidia G-Sync is only available on QHD monitors, which is another disadvantage of the lower-end systems.

Happily, the Windows Hello-compatible IR webcam supports 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, there is no physical privacy button, which should be normal on every modern camera.

Keypad & Touchpad

Regardless, if gaming is your major focus, you’re unlikely to have any difficulties with the keyboard here. There are no issues with the keyboard when playing Games with the Corsair Katar Pro Wireless mouse as cursor control.

Razer claims that the keys are now somewhat bigger, and there appears to be less of a space between them. However, this is a slight difference, and the overall typing experience falls somewhere between OK and outstanding. The keys are robust, although the travel is short. The main condition is still suitable for a gaming laptop. However, the per-key Chroma illumination is still a useful option if you want to modify the aesthetic appeal of your laptop while gaming or working.

You still get a spacious 5.1 x 3.1-inch mouse movement area, which enables Windows 11 gestures easier to perform than on some laptops. Of course, gamers will want a mouse – ideally one of the finest gaming mice – but for those occasions when you don’t have a specialized mouse around, the touchpad here isn’t bad.


Razer Blade (2022)

The Razer Blade 15 (2022)’s sheer gaming performance cannot be questioned. The Blade 15 (2022) practically outperforms the version of Razer Blade 15 (2021) in multi-core performance in Cinebench R23, coming out a whooping 62% ahead of its predecessor thanks to the 12th-generation Intel Alder Lake CPU.

Granted, the RTX 3070 Ti was also powered by 105W of TGP, making it more than a match for last year’s model’s RTX 3080 mobile GPU.

Because of all that power and the small form factor, this laptop gets fairly hot while gaming, so makes sure there are lots of airflows and use it on a table or desk rather than on your lap.

The good news is that the CPU is fast enough to handle practically any work. And it’s combined with 32GB of DDR5 RAM on this variant. These are two 16GB DIMM sticks that may be upgraded to 64GB if required. However, 32GB is more than enough for virtually everyone.

This variant also has an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU and 16GB of VRAM. This is the most recent mobile option available. However, keep in mind that the power given to the GPU is what matters. With Dynamic Boost, this model can supply up to 105W to the GPU. A MUX is also included for uncompromised game performance.

Battery life

So, we’ll give it that the Razer Blade 15 (2022) is very strong – along with all of the battery power, supposedly. Gaming laptops aren’t exactly recognized for their durability.

It’s too early to know if this is attributable to the power-hungry 12th-generation Intel CPUs. Several other laptops we’ve examined with the new technology have experienced a significant decrease in battery life in return for a significant increase in performance. So it’s difficult to fault Razer for the short battery life here. However, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re considering purchasing the Razer Blade 15 (2022).

Is Razer Blade 15 (2022) best?

It’s one of the most visually appealing gaming laptops available, as well as one of the most robust. Regardless of configuration, we believe the Razer Blade 15 is the finest gaming laptop on the market right now, although you will pay a premium for the now-classic design.

Does Razer Blade 15 (2022) overheat?

The aluminum chassis of the Razer Blade aids in heat dissipation, making its surface seem warmer. The capacity of the laptop to disperse heat is affected by ambient temperature, airflow, as well as the surface on which it sits. Keep your fan vents clean and free of debris.


The Razer Blade 15 (2022) remains one of the most expensive gaming laptops. However, the newest CPU and GPU hardware boost performance while preserving a premium portable design.

It is the most recent version of the renowned gaming laptop, packed with high-powered technology that provides excellent gaming performance. But all of that equipment will cost you. Also, don’t even think of taking this one too far away from a power outlet.

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Networking Software

How to fax from a computer without a phone line or fax machine?

You’d be excused for assuming that fax communication was obsolete, yet many businesses and government organizations still choose it over email for security reasons. Nowadays, you wouldn’t even need a fax machine or a mobile connection to send a fax; with the aid of some basic software, you can fax from a computer.

How do fax machines work?

Faxes are traditionally sent and collected using two fax machines at either end of an active home phone. When a document is sent, the fax machine dials the receiver’s fax number. This call is answered on the other end, and the document is transmitted to the second fax machine through the phone line.

Preparing a document for faxing can be time-consuming, as the sender must first scan the doc and then send it. Before using the document, the receiver must rescan it to convert it to a digital format.

How to send a fax online?

It is feasible to connect a fax machine to the web and send faxes over this medium. However, the setup costs money. You’ll need access to a variety of resources, such as a gateway that allows for secure document transfer over the internet.

Instead, several internet fax providers can assist in offsetting part of this expense. Services like CocoFax allow you to fax from your computer for free or for a modest fee based on how frequently you use it.

Send and receive fax on your PC with CocoFax


Send fax on your computer

CocoFax makes it simple to send and receive faxes on your PC. You don’t need a fax machine or scanner to use this program; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

  1. Enroll in an online fax service.
  2. Sign in to your account and select Send Fax.
  3. In the To field, provide the recipient’s fax number in the format country code+fax number.
  4. Attach the document to be faxed, then click Send. Your fax will be delivered to the recipient’s fax machine.
fax from a computer

You may also send a cover sheet, schedule conversations, and make use of other useful CocoFax features.

Receive fax on your computer


If you sign up for an online fax service, you may receive your faxes on your computer instead of a fax machine or a phone line.

  1. Access your online fax service account.
  2. Examine your inbox: All accepted faxes sent to your fax number will be listed here.

Send fax by email

You can directly send Fax messages directly from your email client.

  1. Register with an online fax service.
  2. Open your email client and create a message.
  3. Please include the document you intend to fax.
  4. In the To section, enter the recipient’s fax number and the name of the fax provider. Click Send.
fax from a computer

Receive fax by email

You will need your own fax number to receive faxes using your email client. The online fax service provider will usually assign you this.

  1. Sign up for an online fax company, then select and pay for a price plan.
  2. Get your fax number
  3. Share this number with the person who will be faxing you a paper.

Why send and receive fax via a computer?

Sending and receiving faxes using internet service and your computer is considerably easier and more convenient than fumbling with fax machines and phone lines. There are more benefits as well:

  1. Saves time and money because you don’t have to waste paper or buy a fax machine.
  2. Organization of papers – most online fax providers include cloud storage for securely preserving your documents.
  3. Sending or receiving faxes from mobile devices – If you don’t have access to a computer, your phone or tablet will suffice.
  4. Online document signing – Most fax providers allow you to digitally sign papers, which streamlines your workflow.
  5. Protocols for advanced encryption.


Microsoft Windows even has a Fax and Scan program for sending faxes. The hitch is that you’d need to connect your computer to a phone line, which means you’d need a dial-up fax modem. You’d also need a landline phone connection, and you’d have to warn people to remain off the phone while you’re sending faxes, much as with dial-up Internet. Of course, if you faxed a lot, you might pay for a dedicated fax telephone line; in fact, if you received a lot of faxes, this may be essential.

This is definitely not ideal. Sure, if you need to transmit a lot of faxes, get a fax machine or modem and connect it to your landline. But you generally don’t need to send and receive faxes this frequently – you should only need to send faxes when you come across an organization that is trapped in the past.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT: A budget wireless headphone!

The low-cost ATH-M20xBT headphones from Audio-Technica has a remarkable reputation for quality, and if you’ve never heard it, it’s a wonderful place to start.

These are the M-Series’ newest entry-level over-ear headphones, and they’re extremely comparable to the well-received ATH-M50xBT. For a well-balanced soundstage that works with all types of music with extended battery life. Check for strong connectivity. So, to maintain the Audio-Technica sounding amazing at such a low price, what concessions were made in crucial areas?

Design and comfort

Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT: Design and comfort

The all-black exterior made of plastic with leather cushioning, thin metal extenders, as well as a logo on each earcup maintains Audio-look. Technica’s The design appeals to customers who prefer simple and functional designs.

You only wish the construction wasn’t so shoddy. From the minute you take these out of the box, these headphones seem flimsy. The plastic isn’t strong enough to withstand a hard landing on concrete. The yoke will break or the extenders will bend if you sit or step on them at an incorrect angle. The inability to tilt the earcups sideways is another contentious Audio-Technica design decision, as it increases the danger of breakage when stowed in a carry-on bag; the Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT comes without a carrying case or pouch.

Despite their lightness, these headphones are uncomfortable. After an hour of listening, the clamping strain on the ears is too tight, creating fatigue. Furthermore, the leather warms up, causing your ears to become uncomfortable.

Although the loose extenders enable seamless adjustment, there is a risk of an uneven fit if no settings are in place. The headband also applies pressure to the top of the skull when the headphones are on the lowest setting.

Digital helper and controls

Digital helper and controls

The control scheme of the Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT is simple. For auto-pause, there are no touch controllers or motion sensors. Only a three-button module on the left earcup’s back end allows for a full range of settings, featuring playback, call management, digital assistance, volume, and listening modes. All you need to know is that each button responds to single or multi gestures and creates robust tactility, ensuring that commands are carried out.

Siri & Google Assistant are both supported, however, neither of them performs well on the Audio-Technica. Though there was obvious slowness when firing up the function, Google Assistant has been the more dependable voice assistant and correctly took up commands. Siri took several tries to work on macOS, but even then, there have been issues with speech recognition. It was disturbing that the microphones mistook “what is my next event” for “what is mascara.” When using the functionality, there was also some lag.

Noise isolation

Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT: Noise isolation

It’s not surprising that noise cancellation isn’t included in the ATH-specs, Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT headphones but there are also other models in the same price range that do, or at the very least have an ambiance listening mode to increase awareness of your surrounds.

The over-ear design of the ATH-M20xBT is designed to passively block out noise, but it doesn’t do so very well. The multiple exterior noises that entered the soundscape made sitting in the garden gazebo during work hours distracting. My toddler’s cries for attention were audible, as were family conversations and iPhone ringers. From the driveway, You might even hear car horns. Noises like doorbells & loud televisions drew my attention indoors as well.

Sound quality

Sound quality

On low-cost wireless headphones, achieving legacy sound might be challenging. The Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT headphones may not quite live up to the company’s higher-end models. But its tunes well and produces a pleasant sound.

The low end may disappoint bass aficionados. But you thought it was perfectly balanced. Neither overly pushy nor understated. Laura Mvula’s “That’s Alright” grabs right away with its addictive rhythms, which stay consistent and impactful throughout. On the Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT headphones you were tapping the right foot to the rhythm, which speaks to how addictive this tune was. The layering is more detailed enough to hear the backing vocalists. Harmonization was very clean and sharp.

Oh, Wonder’s “Livewire” had an outstanding midrange. It not only gave the soft-spoken vocals a delicate feel that went well with the lyrical piano playing, but it also stood out against the pounding bass beat. The sound quality on these headphones was excellent. The string passage near the end of Jennifer Warnes’ “Ballad of the Runaway Horse” was a relaxing listen.

The quality is unaffected by listening in wired or wifi mode. When you connect the aux cord to the laptop, the volume only increases a little.

Audio-Technica didn’t have to include any listening options, but they did, to improve streaming and gaming. When watching Netflix episodes or YouTube snippets, there was no discernible difference.  If you are a big gamer, but you noticed that when you enabled audio synchronization in Call of Duty Mobile & Mario Run, the audio quality improved.

The Samsung Galaxy Note S22 Ultra, Google Pixel 6 Pro, & MacBook Pro have used all materials. On Apple Music and Spotify, the AAC & SBC audio codecs allowed for smooth streaming. For the top audio quality over Bluetooth, advanced codecs like aptX, aptX HD, & LDAC are not supported.

Battery life

Battery life

Battery life is rated at 60 hours per charge by Audio-Technica. When you consider in high volume & latency mode, you’re looking at 55 hours, which is still a tremendous amount of time to work with. You have nearly 20 hours of playtime after testing the headphones since over a week, 5 hours per day. Only a few competitors, including the Anker Soundcore Life Q35 (40–60 hours) and the Cleer Enduro ANC, achieve this level of battery life (60 hours).

3 hours of use from a 10-minute quick charge That’s more than noise-canceling classics such as the Bose 700 (15 minutes = 2 hours), and less than powerhouses such as the Sony WH-1000XM4 (10 minutes = 5 hours).

Price and availability

Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT: Price and availability

The Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT headphones is available for $79 from Audio-Technica or major online retailers like Amazon and B&H. There is only one color available: black. A 2.5mm audio cable, as well as a USB-C charging cable, are there in the box.

Cheap wireless headphones are plentiful on the market, and these cans face strong competition within the sub-$100 price range. For as little as $97, noise-canceling headphones like the Anker Soundcore Life Q35 provide adequate ANC & LDAC hi-res audio support (currently marked down on Amazon). Another option is the $99 Jabra Elite 45h on-ear headphones, which have great sound and up to 50-hour battery life in a compact, lightweight design.


For $79, this Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT headphones has far more features than it should. You won’t receive the best audio quality from the company, but what you do get is significantly better than most sub-$100 versions. The music is energetic and colorful. These cans can last three weeks without needing to recharge. As well as the wireless range is far more than adequate for moving about the home without dropping out.

While numerous advantages make them appealing, the disadvantages are numerous. It’s acceptable to forgive Audio-Technica for their flimsy construction, but poor comfort & noise isolation, as well as a rather basic collection of features, may be too much for some. Of course, the cost alone makes them money listening to, but before you buy, examine the value of the other components for your needs.

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Use Find my App on iPhone: Locating a missing device!

Find my app is another app from Apple in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 that combines the elements of both Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a solitary app. Through this app, you can share your region with loved ones, see friend regions that have been shared with you, and find, remotely lock, and erase lost devices.

After you set up Find My, you can locate a lost or stolen device or item, or even help a friend track down their missing device. You can also share your location with friends, family, and contacts, request to follow a friend’s location or get headings to a friend’s location.

People Tab

  • Open Find My on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • Hit the People tab if the app doesn’t open to it.
  • Select the friend who is sharing their location in the list underneath the guide.
Find my App
Find my App
  • Swipe up on the card and tap Contact to raise that friend’s contact data.
  • Enter the Directions to be offered directions to their location in Maps.
  • Select the Add [Friend’s name] to Favorites.
Find my App
Find my App
Find my App
  • Hit the Edit location name.
  • Select a label (Home, Work, School, or Gym) to the location.
  • Enter an Add Custom Label to make a custom name for their location.
Find my App
Find my App

Sharing location with particular contact

  • Open Find My on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • Select the People tab if the app doesn’t open to it.
  • Enter the Share My Location.
Find my App
Find my App
Find my App
  • Type the name of a contact . Then hit their name from the list.
  • Hit the + button to add more individuals.
  • Enter the Send.
  • Select the Share for One Hour, tap Share Until End of Day, or Share Indefinitely.

You’ll presently be sharing your location with your picked contact for the amount of time you determined.

Share your location

There’s additionally a worldwide location sharing switch, with which you can permit sharing from the first, or turn it off for everybody.

  • Open Find My on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • Enter the Me tab, then, at that point hit the switch next to Share My Location so it’s in the green ‘on’ position.

To quit sharing your location, simply repeat these steps, with the exception of tap the change to go it to the green ‘off’ position.

Notify friends of your location

  • Dispatch the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Hit the People tab if the app doesn’t open to it.
  • Enter a friend who is sharing their location in the list underneath the map.
Find my App
Find my App
  • Swipe up and hit the Add…  under Notifications.
  • Select the Notify [friend’s name].
  • Hit either When I Arrive or When I Leave depending on when you need to notify your friend for a specific location.
Find my App
Find my App
Find my App
  • Hit the location that the warning will be about.
  • Then again, tap Add Location…  to add another location other than the one on the list.
Find my App
  • Select either Only Once or Every Time depending on when you need your contact advised.
  • Enter the Add.
Find my App
Find my App

Stop sharing location and remove a friend

  • Dispatch the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Hit the People tab if the app doesn’t open to it.
  • Enter a friend who is sharing their location in the list beneath the map.
  • Swipe up and Hit the Stop Sharing My Location if you simply need to quit sharing your location to a specific friend.
  • Enter the Stop Sharing Location.
Find my App
  • Hit the Remove [friend’s name] if you need to remove them from your list of friends.
  • Enter the Remove.

Find devices with Find My app

  • Dispatch the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Hit the Devices tab. Devices close to you ought to show up on the map.
  • Select the device that you need to discover.
  • Swipe up and Hit one of the buttons or the switch available to you.
    • Play Sound: Plays a sound from your device to assist you with better locate it when it’s nearby. 
    • Directions: Will jump to Maps to give you directions right to your et’s location.
    • Notifications: Tap this switch in case you’re searching for a device and need to be advised in case that somebody discovers it.
    • Mark As Lost: Tapping Activate will mark your specific device as ‘lost’. More on that later.

Mark a device as lost

  • Open Find My app on your iPhone or iPad if the app doesn’t open to it as of now.
  • Select the Devices tab. Devices close to you ought to show up on the guide.
  • Hit the device that you need to discover.
Find my App
  • Swipe up and hit the Activate under Mark As Lost, then, at that point enter the Continue.
  • Optionally, enter your phone number.
  • Enter the Next.
  • Optionally, enter a message for somebody who may discover your device, then, at that point hit the Activate.

When marked as lost, as long as it’s as yet reachable by a wireless signal, your device will be locked behind its password. If that you coordinated Find My to do as such, your phone number and message will be shown on the device.

Removing a device

  • Dispatch the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select the Devices tab. Devices close to you ought to show up on the map.
  • Hit the device that you need to erase.
  • Swipe up and tap Erase This Device, then, at that point hit the Erase This [Device].
  • Optionally, enter your phone number.
  • Hit the Next.
  • Optionally, enter a message for somebody who may discover your device.
  • Enter the Erase.

Your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch will be cleaned off.

Manage your personal settings in Find My

  • Open Find My on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • Hit the Me.
  • Swipe up and tap the switch next to Share My Location to start or stop the sharing of your location with your picked list of loved ones.
  • Select the switch next to Allow Friend Requests.
  • Hit the Receive Location Updates to figure out who gets updates on your location.
  • Enter either People You Share With or Everyone.
  • Hit the Me, then, at that point select the Edit Location Name.
  • Enter a label (Home, Work, School, or Gym) to the location.
  • Select the Add Custom Label to make a custom name for their location.

Set up “Find My” app on iPhone

Actually, in September 2019, Apple devices running iOS13, iPadOS, or macOS Catalina or later would now have the option to get to the freshest version of the service, called “Find My app.” It should appear on your gadget if that you have the right OS and joins the administrations of Find My Friends with Find My iPhone into one invaluable package. You can follow all of your devices and contacts from a similar map, and use it to guarantee that all of your Apple devices are in the correct spot. To set it up on your iPhone, follow these means:

  • Launch the “Find My” app on iPhone.
  • Snap on the “Devices” tab and hit “Enable” in case it isn’t now enabled.
  • Add your individual devices.

Find my is unimaginably helpful for finding your devices, regardless of whether you’ve lost them or stolen them. It will lead you inside a couple of feet of your device and permit you to make the device play a loud sound in case you’re actually having difficulty.

Managing Your Requests in Find my app

You can get a request in two grouped manners: either obviously from a friend or contact through the Find My Friends app, or by Email. You can follow up to 100 friends, and a similar number is the greatest measure of people that can follow your location at any one time. Deal with your requests utilizing the accompanying methods:

  • Dispatch the app up on your Apple device.
  • Look down and find the list of friends inside the app. You should view the name of the friend attempting to follow you.
Find my friends on iPhone
  • Assuming you need to permit them to see your location, Hit on the “Share.”
Find my friends on iPhone
  • If that you would prefer not to share your locations with them, tap on the Cancel button.

Expecting you’ve received a request in an email message, you should go to your email inbox on your Apple device that has Find My Friends installed on it. Open the email, and snap on the View Request link inside it. This will open Find My Friends on your device, and you’ll have the option to accept or decrease the request.


If that you’ve at any point use Find My Friends, Find My iPhone or both, the Find My app will likely feel exceptionally recognizable to you, however, there are better approaches for doing a few things. Find My app is an awesome and misjudged include on your iPhone that proves to be useful when you need it most. You can utilize the app to find any lost or misplaced devices, similarly to its predecessor, Find My iPhone, planned.

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FanDuel Review- Everything you need to know about this sports betting platform!

FanDuel is the leader in sports betting in the US. However, its features make it stand out among other competitors. Here is everything you need to know about FanDuel sportsbook before you start using it.


With millions of premium users, FanDuel is one of the leading platforms in the daily fantasy industry. The bookmaker is a fully working sportsbook as well as a daily fantasy sports site. Although it does not offer the same selection of sports for sports betting as FanDuel, FanDuel’s daily fantasy stands out for presenting new contests that break the mould of traditional fantasy sports. FanDuel was created in 2009 and is one of the world’s largest daily fantasy sports platforms. The company has paid out more than $4.5 billion over the last decade in fantasy competitions across most of the major US sports leagues.

FanDuel’s selection of fantasy leagues isn’t as extensive as that of major competitors like DraftKings. FanDuel’s point system and salary limitations for its games, however, assist to distinguish the platform. It also launched an online sportsbook in 2018, covering most major US sports leagues. The sportsbook is remarkable, with a significant amount of prop bets accessible for every event. The user interface is available on both desktop and mobile platforms and also contributes to FanDuel’s sportsbook’s success.


  • $1,000 risk-free bet on the first wager
  • A variety of sports to bet on
  • Quick and easy banking
  • Impressive bonus offer
  • Incredibly designed Sportsbook user interface
  • Free games available offering cash prizes
  • Innovative fantasy contests


  • Restricted in some states
  • Limited sports options
  • Drafting teams on the app can be cumbersome

Bonus and Promotional Offers

A bonus offer is a money that a betting site gives you that is added to your account and can be used to bet on specific betting markets. Many eSports bookmakers offer new players bonuses when they sign up, which is intended to draw people to the site. FanDuel is one of the finest sportsbooks in terms of incentives and promotions. It offers a variety of benefits that you can take advantage of. Consider the following FanDuel sports bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus – After making your initial deposit on any site, you are offered a $5 bonus. You would get a chance to win a $500 risk-free wager on any sport of your choice if you sign up for the FanDuel sportsbook.
  • Promotional Offer – You will receive promotional deals not only as a new player but also whenever you return to the site. In comparison to other bookies, FanDuel sports betting is recognized for being generous with bonuses.

The FanDuel Joining Offer of a $1,000 risk-free wager when you sign up on the site is another fantastic bonus offer. If you lose a bet of up to $1000, your account will be credited with the same amount within 72 hours. With this offer, you have nothing to lose.

Sign Up and Deposit

FanDuel registration is straightforward. To get started, simply go to the website and provide your name and email address. You can also connect to FanDuel using your Facebook account. Payment can be made using a major credit card, a PayPal account, or an ACH bank transfer. If you like, you may also send a check to FanDuel. Moreover, you can decline the bonus and instead browse the site before making a deposit. FanDuel provides a vast number of free games, many of which include cash prizes.

User Interface

FanDuel User Interface

FanDuel’s user interface is one of its best features. The website is quite easy to navigate due to its intuitive and clean interface. This is essential if you want to grasp all of the information on the site and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the number of lines, markets, and odds. You won’t even need a tutorial on how to utilise the website. It offers a “popular” link in the upper left corner of the site. It is great for sports bettors looking for a quick and easy way to wager. You may simply locate your personal information in a detailed and easy-to-read style. Another intriguing element of the user interface is that when you place a wager, FanDuel allows you to transform it into a round-robin or teaser by simply clicking once.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Currently, FanDuel’s sportsbook does not have a reward scheme. However, loyalty schemes are still available. The Players Club points can be earned by playing daily fantasy games. FanDuel is already working to expand its loyalty programs to incorporate sports betting in the several areas where it is available. The sportsbooks do not currently offer reward points for wagering. They should address that issue as quickly as possible.

Payment Options

Payment Options

The payment methods can either make or break your experience on the betting site. You can select the most convenient banking method from a variety of options. These are they:

Deposits can be made with credit or debit cards, however, a few institutions limit payments to FanDuel, including:

  • Bank of America
  • Union Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Huntington Bank
  • Capital One
  • TD Bank

Make sure to check if your bank is not on the list. If you are using any of the banks above, fear not, there are additional deposit options available.

  • FanDuel Prepaid Card– You can put money into your account using the FanDuel Prepaid Card. This card has no monthly fees linked to it. You can also use it to cash out your winnings.
  • PayPal — If your bank is on the block list, you can use PayPal to make a payment. You can use it to make online deposits and withdrawals. The funds will show in your PayPal account within 24 to 48 hours.
  • ACH (e-check) — You can deposit through your favourite VIP network using your checking account. You can also use it to make a withdrawal, the money will appear in your account in 3 to 5 business days.
  • Online bank transfer– If you have any issues with the debit or credit card options outlined previously, an online bank transfer would be ideal for you. Funds are quickly transferred into your account using this.
  • PayNearMe — This technique allows you to deposit money by paying cash at any 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, or CVS near you. Transferring cash to the site takes only 15 minutes. You can deposit up to $500 in a 24-hour period.
  • Cheque– You can use it to make deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawals typically take 5 to 7 business days.


Well-known companies such as NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, IGT, and Everi provide the software for FanDuel casino games. These are the world’s best game creators. They are dependable and trustworthy, offering just the greatest games. The games load quickly, nearly instantly. You can play casino games via the sportsbook app if you’re a FanDuel customer. Players from New Jersey who use the app’s casino option will be routed to a simplified version of Betfair casino. This is owned and operated by the same firm.

Game Portfolio

FanDuel sports betting has a wide selection of games from leading creators. All of the games are jam-packed with ways for you to earn real money while having fun. FanDuel offers the following games:

  • Online Slots- FanDuel offers a variety of slot games from firms such as NetEnt and IGT. There are also games from the Slingo franchise. Divine Fortune, 88 Fortune, White Rabbit, and Wheel of Fortune are some of the online slots you may play.
  • Video Poker– Video poker games are frequently mentioned alongside other reel games. FanDuel has the best video poker games available to satisfy video poker fans.

The casino offers a variety of popular games, including tables and progressive payouts.

FanDuel’s Sportsbook

FanDuel Game Portfolio

The NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, and other major American leagues are all represented in FanDuel’s sportsbook. The corporation has also been growing into increasingly prominent international leagues. It is also focusing on cricket, rugby, golf, and the UPL and UEFA soccer tournaments. The user interface of the FanDuel sportsbook is unique. You can easily view which upcoming matches are drawing the greatest betting interest and wager on the outcome from the main page. Your betslip is displayed in the same window as the list of possible bets. Thus, allowing you to check your current wagers, make modifications, and set up parlays while browsing the list.

There were more than 50 different prop bets to choose from for a single NBA game. In your betslip, you can wager on individual players or the outcome of specific quarters. You can even create bespoke parlays and round-robin bets. The only thing missing from FanDuel’s sportsbook is thorough research that could be used to make informed wagers. You’re on your own to find this information because the site doesn’t disclose any team or individual stats, let alone recent wager-specific stats. Although, this isn’t a major flaw because most people use FanDuel to place bets, not to figure out what to wager on.

Live Dealer Games

Most popular games at FanDuel Casino have a live dealer version:

  • Online Roulette– There are numerous varieties of roulette available online, including European Roulette, Roulette Master, and so on. The online version of roulette is also available at FanDuel Casino. The number of zeros on the wheel is usually the only difference between the many varieties of roulette games. Baccarat, Casino War, and Casino Hold’Em Poker are some of the other table games available.
  • Online Blackjack – Blackjack is a famous classic casino game that you can play online. Before you play online blackjack, make sure you know how to play a fundamental blackjack strategy. Before playing at all, strategies are known to assist you to play better and have a decent approach on how to win.
  • Online Poker – FanDuel Poker is presently unavailable to users in Pennsylvania, but it should be added soon to the FanDuel casino.

Betting Markets

FanDuel includes all of the traditional wagers, as well as a variety of individual and game props, fantasy sports wagers, and combination bets. The following are some of the prop bets:

  • Race to 10 points
  • Winning margin
  • NBA regular-season win totals over or under
  • Receiving yards for a player over or under 69.6
  • First touchdown scorer in a game

More props and future bets are available on FanDuel for all of the most popular sports. This includes soccer, tennis, hockey, boxing, auto racing, basketball, baseball, and many others. Other than these you even get golf, rugby, motor racing, and all soccer leagues (Major Soccer League, English Premier League, etc).

Live Betting and Streaming

FanDuel New Jersey and Pennsylvania just launched live betting and streaming. Thus, allowing customers in these jurisdictions to watch and gamble on their favorite sports in real-time. You can even bet on your favorite games using the FanDuel app or your mobile browser. One of the finest methods to learn about fast-paced sports betting and one of the most thrilling ways to experience sports betting in-depth is through live betting. Most games will require access to a stream, however, FanDuel sportsbook will occasionally provide a stream of your match or game. Streaming when live betting might consume a lot of data. Thus, make sure you have unlimited mobile data and a good Wi-Fi connection.


Odds of Fanduel  sports betting

The difference between the pre-game and in-play NFL odds provided by FanDuel is the number of markets available. The sportsbook provides fair payouts and competitive odds. For a better betting experience, the FanDuel app will provide you with odds boost promos. FanDuel Pennsylvania has introduced daily odd increases and daily promos. These promotions were already available at FanDuel New Jersey. This way consumers from both states have the chance to improve their odds.


Although there is no conventional maximum bet limit on FanDuel, you can establish a limit on how much you can gamble in a certain period. This will aid in your budgeting. Per slate, a user cannot enter more than 5,000 contests. The maximum number of bets a user can submit is limited in all contests. These restrictions are stated in the contest description. There’s also the Head to Head limit. This prevents players from creating and participating in more public Head to Head matches than FanDuel allows.

Esports Betting

FanDuel is the first sportsbook in the United States to allow eSports betting. In jurisdictions where FanDuel is authorized to operate, such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you can wager on eSports.

Esports Tournaments

Only League of Legends tournaments is available for eSports betting on FanDuel. When you enter its fantasy sportsbook, you can access the betting site. It provides a wide range of betting options. While betting, the first thing you should do is decide whether you like series or single-game betting. Each team’s strength is represented by a symbol in the sportsbook. You have the option of choosing between single entry and qualifications entry. You can also choose your betting possibilities by paying an entry fee ranging from $1 to $50,000.

FanDuel Fantasy Sports

FanDuel’s league choices for daily fantasy sports are rather limited. Only the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and UPL, as well as NCAA basketball and football, are available for daily fantasy. Still, that includes all of the most popular American leagues. The approach to fantasy sports is unique in that every fantasy game, regardless of sport, has a $60,000 salary ceiling. This constancy is a big selling point for the platform. This is because consumers know what to anticipate going into different competitions. On the site, there are a variety of leagues and games to choose from.

To begin, FanDuel sports betting has a beginners’ category where only users with a certain number of points are permitted to play. This provides newbies with an equal opportunity to learn in a welcoming environment where most events are free to enter. Tournaments, head-to-head matches, and 3-100-player multiplayer leagues are available to more advanced players. From time to time, FanDuel tries out some strange contest formats. These competitions are a good choice for anyone looking to branch out from the typical fantasy league. The interface is rather seamless, regardless of the sport. You can search for players by name or position, and then add them to your roster with a single click. The $60,000 salary cap keeps things simple. Moreover, the site clearly displays your remaining salary payout as you select players.

Fantasy Bonuses

Fanduel Fantasy eSports simplifies and streamlines the process of betting on eSports and fantasy eSports. Even the best fantasy betting sites can’t compete with Fanduel Fantasy. You may earn exclusive free entries to real money contests on Fanduel Fantasy and get a taste of putting your fantasy squad on the line. Professional players are not permitted to compete in these novice contests, which is for the benefit of beginners.

You should check out the site’s free over/under bets and other premium promos once you’ve signed up. You can choose from a wide range of betting markets and events in countries that support the Fanduel Fantasy betting app. The operator allows its customers to place high-quality wagers on eSports and sports. As a result, you can wager on the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, tennis, soccer, and a variety of other sports. You can also use your sign-up bonus for betting to ensure that your bankroll is correctly set up.

Prizes and what to bet on

You can make money by forming fantasy teams in many sports using Fanduel Fantasy’s betting choices. The site’s sports betting choices allow you to wager on real-life events. The odds and betting options available vary depending on the sport you choose.

Live Betting at FanDuel Fantasy

The Fanduel Fantasy app also allows live betting on eSports and fantasy sports. You will be able to follow your fantasy squad throughout the full season and monitor the results in real-time. This makes the app much more useful. You can even check your results on the conventional site version. Fanduel Fantasy Sports Betting is secure and offers in-play wagering on live matches.

Mobile App

Mobile App Fanduel  sports betting

FanDuel offers a variety of daily fantasy and sports betting smartphone apps. There are several FanDuel sportsbook applications depending on the state you live in. The mobile platforms are extremely clean, aside from the initial uncertainty of finding the correct app for your needs. The sportsbook app resembles the desktop version in appearance. The most noticeable difference is that your betslip has its own page. You can access it via a simple menu at the bottom of the app. Otherwise, finding prop bets and putting together parlays is quite easy. As soon as you log in, the daily fantasy app streamlines your display by offering you a selection of sports. You can quickly explore or search for sport-specific information from there.

You will find most of them organized by contest kind or start time to make it easier to locate what you’re looking for. Because you can’t see your whole lineup while selecting further players, drafting players is a little more difficult. The software will show you your salary cap, but swapping out a player in the middle of your pick will take a few taps.

Customer Support

A decent betting site should provide excellent customer service. FanDuel provides the greatest customer care. The following are the many options:

  • Live Chat– Available 24/7 at the bottom of the support home page.
  • Email– 24/7 support via email at
  • Support Ticket– You can submit a support ticket from the desktop or mobile app.
  • FAQ section– The support page has a FAQ section that might assist you to figure out what you need to know about the site.

Overall, contacting FanDuel’s support personnel is simple. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have and to offer answers to any problems you may have while using the site. There are no fees associated with contacting someone, you may message them at any moment. FanDuel provides 24/7 customer service by phone, email, and live chat. In addition, the organization provides an extensive online knowledge base that addresses the most common questions regarding how to utilize the platform and collect your wins.


FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports company that operates in 43 US states and Canada. If you live in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, or Washington, you can’t utilize the service right now. The zone covered by FanDuel’s sportsbook is substantially smaller. Only New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia are now accepting bets.

License and Security

The FanDuel sportsbook is overseen by Betfair Interactive and is licensed by the State of Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement. As a result, FanDuel is a safe and trusted site to use. It is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of your personal information. To assist safeguard your personal information (such as your name, email, and address) from third parties, a variety of security technologies and procedures are utilized. All you have to do is keep your password secure at all times. Moreover, the site is not accessible to minors. Before making withdrawals, you must authenticate your account. If you’re unable to do so, your account will be suspended, and all monies will be kept until you can prove it is you.


FanDuel provides a library of cutting-edge casino games as well as plenty of promos to keep you coming back for more. FanDuel collaborates with leading game developers like NetEnt to provide you with an unforgettable gambling experience. Moreover, you can also place live bets while watching your favorite sports on TV. As the first sportsbook to provide eSports betting, you can expect nothing but the best from FanDuel. You can play head-to-head matches, tournaments, and novice contests to polish your abilities against opponents with similar levels of experience. Overall, you may feel secure when betting with Fanduel Fantasy Sportsbook, knowing that you have the greatest options available. The overall experience is enhanced by exclusive betting bonuses.

The site has something for everyone, with a diverse selection of sports betting options. It has a lot of fun features for eSports bettors and fantasy football players. It also offers major sign-up promotions and exclusive VIP awards, in addition to a secure betting and fantasy atmosphere. The user interface on FanDuel is easy to use without any help. Even new players will find it simple to navigate. Also, they provide excellent customer service around the clock.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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